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Paid Analysis Service

Online Tools

RainbowLink Inc. has created and sold/distributed software at RainbowLink Inc.'s own servers in RainbowLink Inc.'s own data center since 2009.

Software as a Service

The "Rainbow-Link", a Sales Automation Software ( ERP, CRM ), is one of the paid online tools which RainbowLink Inc. made. You can use it via a web browser with a Step-by-Step-System.

One window : One step

Multi-Language Language
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information text written on Management Tool
( Step-by-Step-System )
English, Japanese

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There is a paid or free online tool which can be used on this site, but, some of the applications and the plugins that RainbowLink Inc. created are distributed on other companies' sites.


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Would you like to do SEO & SNS marketing for your Japanese site? If so, we can do for you: we analyze your logs, do SEO, and sell your item(s) at SNS ( Twitter ) as follows:

About Description
Analizing&SEO Competitive Analysis
SNS Marketing
( mainly using Twitter )
Let's start Twitter Marketing with RainbowLink Inc.!

And if you don't have a site/landing page in Japanese language, we can create a Site/Landing page in Japanese language for you by using WordPress. Read details ( in Japanese ): 『WordPressサイト作成案件のお見積もりにつきまして